Saurian Preview – “Great Game”

Saurian is the dinosaur simulation-survival game from developer Urvogel Games. It’s currently in Early Access where the game is in Alpha right now so there’s plenty of content to come […]

Retro Review: Micro Machines

Racing games have continually featured popular speed machines, well-known courses and more and more realism in the modern era. Before the breathtaking graphics of our time took over the helm, […]

Doom Guy is Coming to Quake Champions

Quake Champions won’t be releasing for a while but Bethesda, the publisher, has revealed a number of new details. For starters, the game will be moving out of Closed Beta […]

Is It Time for the Demo to Be Replaced?

Demos have been around a very long time however, in recent years their number has dwindled. This has happened for various reasons ,but we won’t be looking into them today. […]