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Denim Keezer, CEO, Boss-Man, Supreme Pumba

Denim has been a nerd since birth.  It’s rumored his first words were “Live Long and Prosper”. From Star Wars to comics to coding, if it’s nerdy he’s into it.  In college at the University of North Alabama, he found a love for D&D and became a DM.  That’s how he met Chris (more about him in a minute).  After receiving his BS in Computer Science, he worked for DoD, developing training simulations for UAV pilots.  After many years of that, he was ready for a change and now works for NASA developing simulations for the new SLS heading for Mars.  He hasn’t lost his nerdy side, though. In fact, he is rediscovering a lot of his nerdy favorites by teaching his daughter, Hailey, all about the nerd life.  They love playing video games and board games together. The current favorite is Bluey the board game.