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Shanna Keezer, COO, Actually the Boss, Den Mom

Shanna Keezer

Shanna is a lifelong nerd.  She grew up watching Star Trek with her dad and reading everything.   She graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Nursing and worked as an ER and ICU nurse for many years.  She never lost her nerdy side, though.  She continued to love sci-fi, gaming and still reading everything.   When she met Denim at a cookout, it was nerd love at first site.  They got married and grew in nerdiness together.  They even had their own nerdlet, Hailey.  She now enjoys watching movies, playing video games and still reading everything.  She joined her good friend, Kristin, in growing the Nerd Moms of Madison County Group to bring together moms of similar nerdiness raising the next generation of nerds. Of course, they also started a book club, reading everything.   She also collects kawaii things and stationary and plans to visit Japan someday, as soon as she learns Japanese.  彼女は一生懸命勉強しています!