Rocket League coming to the Switch this November

The addictive and competitive car-soccer game from Psyonix, Rocket League is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch. With the announcement came a release date and a video from Nintendo Minute […]

NBA 2K eLeague Begins in May 2018

The competitive online gaming leagues that make up the world of eSports is gaining momentum heading into the new year. With the Overwatch League setting up for its opener in […]

GFINITY Elite Series Season 2 Starts Next Month

It’s been revealed that Gfinity Elite Series will be returning next month for the second season. The first season reached 3 million viewers where gamers all over the world tuned […]

PUBG Invitational Tiebreaker Rules Explained

After the chaos and confusion during the final game of the Gamescom PUBG Invitational Duo series, the ESL has clarified their tiebreaker rules. Something they probably should have done during […]