Juno pictures Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

The Juno space probe was able to capture some amazing images of Jupiter last week. For those who don’t know, Juno did a flyby of the gas giant last week […]

NASA is currently safety testing Orion

NASA first confirmed their plans for the first SLS Orion mission in February. However, the team decided to go ahead without a crew. If you missed our article on this […]

New NASA experiments get underway

NASA launched a new rocket last week to the International Space Station. The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The ship contains around […]

Contingency spacewalk confirmed for tomorrow

NASA has confirmed that there will be a contingency spacewalk tomorrow to change the failed multiplexer-demultiplexer (MDM) data relay box. Two Expedition 51 crewmembers will be making the spacewalk tomorrow […]