Unravel Two Review – A Charming Sequel For Two

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Tight As Twine


Sequels are meant to invoke the same traditions as their predecessors while simultaneously presenting an experience that hearkens new and exciting features. Unravel Two takes a beloved puzzle platformer and introduces a pleasantly fulfilling two-player experience reeling players back into the delightfully touching, casually fluid adventure of Yarny.


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The graceful platforming returns in Unravel Two and while the sequel follows near identically in the footsteps of the original, the new two player co-op feature adds a modest deal of depth to the overall puzzle system throughout the game. Controlling both Yarny characters as a single player or as a team of two works effortlessly on both ends, creating a satisfying experience for either solo or co-op players. While the sheer joy of flawlessly swinging through the skies as a two person team can’t be topped in terms of pure delight, the single player mode gets the job done just fine as well.

Unlike in the original Unravel, the new duo of yarn twins collaborate in a variety of different levels each presenting new challenges along the way. The first couple of levels offer modest puzzle solving and light swinging challenges, while the later puzzles throw more thought-inducing tricks your way. The two Yarnys are strung together by a uniformed string which create a new layer of depth in challenges left out of the one-man journey found in the original Unravel. The game often relies on each Yarny to pull one another out of tight situations, but graciously teeters the line between both tedious and compelling gameplay.


Unravel Two has players control the Yarny duo in a new platforming adventure.


An Adventure For One Or Two

If playing solo, players don’t have to continuously swap between both red and blue Yarny characters as the game allows the two to “carry” one another as one identity. Quickly breaking the two apart comes easy as it’s still crucial for both Yarnys to participate in a wide arrange of puzzles found within the adventure. Obstacles like swinging from one ledge to another, utilizing one Yarny as a counterweight or distracting a dangerous foe while the other Yarny slips by are all viable methods of success used when both Yarny characters are in the field of play.

However, for those lightweight, free swinging, platforming moments that are often found in Unravel Two, combining the two ‘yarn swirled’ characters is perfect for the lone wolf. The tap of a single button which breaks the two apart is quick and easy, while holding the same button when the two are close brings them together is a fluid system that works near effortlessly. Comforting in design, the game rarely commands one player to simultaneously control both Yarnys in a single instance. There are occasions when players need to harness quick reflexes by switching between the two in order to overcome a challenge, but never feels overwhelming or unfair due to playing as one player versus two.

The single player aspect to Unravel Two works well without a glimmer of frustrating encounters, but the new two player feature creates a new bond of partnership throughout the journey. Gliding through platforming levels, using the yarn from Yarny’s body to swing from grapple points and solving the toughest puzzles the game has to throw at you is incredibly satisfying when two players go at it together. While working simultaneously to conquer various obstacles in the game may take a bit of time at first, Unravel Two is set up to keep players cooperating without any unnecessary aggravations.


Working as a team players will pull off a plethora of stunts in order to navigate through the often treacherous territory.


A Spiritual-esque Adventure

The further you dive into the sprightly world of Unravel Two, the easier it is to pick up on the game’s careful use of fluid platforming encounters and whimsical musical score to guide the player(s) along. The journey ebbs and flows to the sounds of the spiritual-esque adventure between the duo as they encounter new dangers from one level to the next. The challenges never diminish as you continue forward, always throwing new hardships your way. There’s an always growing difficulty of trials that present itself with every new level, but never seems to ask too much of the player.

Puzzles in Unravel Two start off as simple tasks requiring players to swing off of one another, hold down switches while the other navigates around an obstacle or having one Yarny pull another up by their connected yarn. As you plunge deeper into the story the challenges expand into tandem objectives requiring more tenacity and skill than what’s offered early on. Each new level — out of the seven main story levels — does an excellent job at introducing players to new mechanics, such as dodging yarn sizzling spark hazards, out-smarting hungry wild animals and careful maneuvering through perilous threats. There’s no unfair difficulty curve with every new introduction, but rather an exciting point in a more engaging direction throughout the consistently pleasant platformer.

As you gracefully make your way through each story level, the central hub — which takes place in an old lighthouse — unlocks new floors housing your next step in your adventure. Along with the modestly lengthy story missions (typically clocking in around the 15-20 minute mark per level), players can also strengthen their problem solving with a variety of bonus challenge levels, as well. While these challenges are much shorter in comparison to the campaign stages, the optional challenges offer a much deeper understanding that buried within the Unravel Two puzzle mechanics.


Fluid platforming and dodging obstacles keeps the gameplay outside of puzzle solving plenty exciting, through and through.


Offering More

At first, the challenge levels throw menial tasks at the yarn clad, problem solving duo. However, the higher leveled challenge stages will weigh the player(s) down with puzzles typically much harder than anything you’ll find across the entire campaign. Successfully completing these objectives require patience and the keen strategy of taking advantage of every skill at your disposal. While the Yarny duo can use each other as swinging pendulums or counter-weights, the way the team can utilize the yarn itself is what makes the puzzle solving unique.

Throughout the game players will stumble across areas where tieing off their yarn may be utilized to create new pathways. Knotting off two points can create a tightened yarn bridge which can provide the Yarny duo with a bounce pad or a new plane allowing players to push key objects across. Using the finite amount of yarn that makes up your Yarny team is a shining example of stretching the puzzle mechanics further than just between the two Yarnys, but bringing in the environment to solve your dilemmas as well. While not every puzzle will be one unique experience to another, there’s still plenty of diversity within the mechanics to keep the game feeling fresh all the way through the 3-4 hours campaign plus the twenty bonus levels and various collectables scattered throughout the game.



There’s a delightful little platformer at the core of Unravel Two offering a rewarding and gratifying cooperative challenge all the way through. While the tedious tasks of puzzle solving and the weightless feeling of platforming isn’t anything we haven’t seen in the genre before, Unravel Two does a wonderful job at taking the series to immensely pleasurable new levels. And with the addition of cooperative gameplay, it’s a perfect pick up and play title for any couple or partnership who enjoys casual problem solving and riveting atmospheric gameplay.


Final Grade



Unravel Two adds on to the casual yet exciting gameplay from the original game with the brand new co-op feature providing deeper puzzle solving elements and an emphasis on fluid platforming through cooperative teamwork. Unravel Two is a sequel that builds on what made the original game so enjoyable by offering a bigger and better experience that will have you and a friend elegantly swinging from start to finish.

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