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Hi! Welcome to Raging Gazebo Comics and Games! I know, weird name right?? We’ll get to that in a minute. First, let me tell you about us and why we’re here. We are an amalgamation of things. We are a gaming store, selling new, used, and vintage comics, board games, graphic novels, manga, RPGs, card games, collectibles, miniatures, paint, kawaii, and so much more. We are a free gaming area for folks to come with their friends and family to play board games, D&D, Magic, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and any other game. We are a video game theater with new and retro games and systems. We are a kids play area with fun toys and even a TV to watch cartoons. We are an event space for Friday Night Magic, chess clubs, epic Warhammer battles, and even Saturday morning cartoons. We are a welcoming space for all nerds of all ages and backgrounds. We are a disability friendly space with no stairs and ADA friendly facilities. No matter your age, knowledge, abilities or gaming preference, you have a place here.

What’s that? Oh yeah, that name! What is a Raging Gazebo, you ask? That is a mystery that can be solved within the store.