Lorcana League

It’s time to bring some Disney Magic to Raging Gazebo!  Lorcana League is beginning this Saturday!  

Every Saturday at noon we will meet to play Lorcana.  These will be free events, open to all players.  

There will be two Parks to join.  Adventure Park will be for competitive players who want a structured game with time keeping and score keeping.  Friendship Park will be for more casual players who wish to meet up and play with no time or scorekeeping.  

All players can earn points (up to 10 points per week).  

          -Players get one point just for attending League!  (Must stay for all rounds in Adventure Park, must play at least three games in Friendship Park). 

          -Players will get one point per round win.  (Max 4 per League event)

          -Player with the best attitude will get one point. 

          -Player with the best costume will get one point. 

          -Player who sings the best Disney song during League will get one point. 

          -Players who help another player learn to play (in store only) will get one point. 

           -Players who bring a new player to a League event who joins League will receive one point (max 2 per League Event)

Points will be tracked on a poster in store.  You can view your points any time during store hours. 

At the end of each 4 week “round”, the player with the most points can choose an official Disney pin from available pins.  We will also award three pins randomly to other players. 

Players of all ages are welcome, including kids.  This is a kid-friendly game in a kid-friendly environment.  Kids are welcome to play in either park.  There is no age requirement, but kids must be able to read and play the game independently against other kids or adults.  Parents will not be allowed to assist during the game, including strategy, shuffling, word clarification, etc. 

No proxies or counterfeit cards.  Players found using proxies/counterfeits will be removed from League and will not be awarded any prizing.  

The game environment will be kept fun and family friendly. There will be no profanity, graphic talk, alcohol, tobacco or vaping.  Adults will be friendly and encouraging to younger players and each other.  Bullying, intimidation and harassment will not be tolerated.  

Due to very limited access to Lorcana products, a small amount of product will be released each week for purchase by League Members only.  We reserve the right to limit purchase amounts even among League Members. 

For any questions or for more information, please call us at 256-325-5450 or come by the shop any day 11am-11pm.  

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