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  • 4x Double-Sided Player Boards
  • 4x Scoring Markers (Black Cubes)
  • 9x Factory Displays
  • 100x Plastic Tiles (20 of each design)
  • 1x Start Player Marker
  • 1x Cloth Bag

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A Royal Challenge Awaits in Azul. Build a mosaic fit for a monarch in this addictive tile-placement game.

Azul features:

  • Compete to score the most points by claiming beautiful tiles
  • Earn extra points for collecting sets and creating patterns
  • Make strategic choices that help you without aiding opponents
  • Simple to learn but offers deep strategy with every tile placement

Outwit your rivals in a tussle for tiles in Azul. As you draft vibrant tiles, you’ll need to pull off careful maneuvers to complete your royal mosaic while blocking your opponents. With every tile you claim comes consequences – you’ll have to balance bold point-scoring plays with preventing your rivals from getting what they need. Easy to learn but endlessly engaging, Azul will have you coming back again and again to build your next masterpiece.

For players who crave clever tile-laying competition, Azul delivers a new favorite pastime.

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