Halfling Team: The Greenfield Grasshuggers

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  • 12 miniatures
    • 8 Halfling Hopeful Linemen
    • 2 Halfling Hefties
    • 2 Halfling Catchers
  • 2 double-sided Blood Bowl coins
  • 2 turn and re-roll markers
  • 6 balls (three kinds)
  • 1 transfer sheet

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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Plucky Determination and Spirited Resilience

Step onto the Blood Bowl pitch with the plucky determination of the pint-sized Greenfield Grasshuggers! This Halfling team is whimsical, spirited, and resilient. They stand boldly together, ready to take on opponents twice their size and secure victory in the most violent and unpredictable sports arena in the Old World.

Strategic Gaming Advantages

From a gaming perspective, the Greenfield Grasshuggers provide you with an edge in agility and the ability to steal rerolls. Built to be a nimble and unpredictable force, the Halflings have a number of useful abilities, expendable players, and the option to field two Treemen.

Inspirational Essence and Resilient Gameplay

Whether you’re a seasoned Blood Bowl coach or a newcomer to the gridiron, this set captures the inspirational and resilient essence of the Halflings. Bring a touch of mayhem to the pitch, and lead your Greenfield Grasshuggers to victory!

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