Level 10

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  • 40x Number cards
  • 3x Equal cards
  • 10x Reset cards
  • 1x Rulebook

Gamegenic Sleeve Color Code: Grey

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Step up to the challenge with Level 10, the cooperative card game that will put your skills to the test! This innovative puzzle game brings players together, not against each other, but united in a common goal – to help Izzy complete all 10 levels in each of the 5 game worlds.

Key features:

  • Cooperative gameplay – players work together, not compete
  • Engaging puzzle mechanics using a 5×10 card grid
  • Multiple difficulty levels for added challenge
  • Nostalgic 8-bit graphics and artwork

Success requires teamwork as you play cards one by one, striving to complete each level so Izzy can advance. With no way to skip ahead, you’ll need to use logic, strategy and communication to play the right cards in the right order. If any player is unable to play on their turn, it’s game over for all!

Level 10 offers an exciting twist on traditional card games that provides hours of cooperative fun for families and friends. Play your cards right and guide Izzy through all 50 levels for a triumphant win!

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