Lord of the Rings: Tales of the Middle-Earth Commander Deck

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  • 1 x 100 Card Ready to play Deck
  • 1 x Collector Booster Sample Pack
  • 1 x Foil-etched Display Commander
  • 10 x Double-sided Tokens
  • 1 x Helper Card
  • 1 x Life Tracker
  • 1 x Deck Box
  • 1 x Strategy Insert
  • 1 x Reference Card

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Fight for the Fate of Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings: Tales of the Middle-Earth Commander Decks, features beloved The Lord of the Rings characters, thematic game mechanics, and gorgeous art—choose your companions and battle in the legendary War of the Ring with a ready-to-play Commander deck.

What is Commander?

Magic’s most popular format, Commander is a multiplayer way to play Magic—a lively, free-for-all battle with 3–5 players. Full of strategic plays and social intrigue—alliances may be made, but in the end, only one player will be left standing. Until the next game begins, of course!

Choose Your Strategy

Each Lord of the Rings: Tales of the Middle-Earth Commander Deck is made up of cards of one or more colors and each color has a different approach. White cards defend their allies. Blue cards seek knowledge. Black cards make sacrifices for power. Red cards do damage with raw aggression. And green cards find strength in nature.

Which strategy suits you best?

This product does not contain Serialized Ring cards, including the Serialized Elven, Dwarven, or Human Sol Ring cards, and the 1 of 1 Ring (Serialized 001 of 001). Serialized Elven, Dwarven, and Human Sol Ring cards can only be found in some The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Collector Boosters. The Serialized 1 of 1 Ring was originally in an English Collector Booster but was found on June 30, 2023. Non-serialized Ring cards are mechanically identical to their Serialized versions.

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