Matte Standard European Sleeves

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Sleeve Size: 62 x 94 mm / 50 ct

For card size up to 60 x 92 mm

Compatible with: Agricola™, Anachrony™, Matcha™, Dominion™, Legends of Andor™ and more!

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Preserve and protect your beloved board game cards from the ravages of time and play with Matte Standard European Board Game Sleeves – the premium shield for your cards!

Key features:

  • Matte lamination blocks reflections and glare so cards are clearly visible from all angles
  • Reinforced 100 micron thickness adds durability and weight for enhanced feel
  • Acid-free construction with no PVC keeps cards in archival condition
  • Great shuffle feel lets you quickly get back to gaming
  • Continues Fantasy Flight Games’ famous Sleeve Color Code system

Tired of squinting to see your cards after hours of intense gameplay? Matte Standard European Board Game Sleeves banish annoying glare and reflections with their soft matte finish. Now you can play for hours in perfect comfort, focusing on strategy instead of eye strain. The reinforced 100 micron thickness also gives your cards a premium weighted feel for fast, satisfying shuffles.

Devoted board gamers know that well-loved cards suffer from frequent shuffling and handling. Protect your investment and keep your deck playable for years to come with Matte Standard European Board Game Sleeves. The acid-free construction keeps cards in archival condition, so your collection stays pristine. Know your precious cards are shielded from damage during transport and play.

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