Murders Karlov Manor: Collector Booster Pack

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Collector Boosters are Supercharged packs featuring 15 of Murders Karlov Manor’s most desirable cards.


  • 1x Collector Booster pack (15 random cards)

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Introducing the Murders at Karlov Manor Collector Booster Pack – your gateway to exclusive card excellence. Packed with Rare cards, stunning foil variants, and special alt-art, this booster offers unparalleled excitement.

Exclusive Collector’s Edition

Within Collector Boosters lie coveted card treatments, including:

  • Extended-Art cards
  • Bespoke foils
  • Serialized cards, showcasing your collector prowess.

Join the Investigation

Embark on a journey with Agents Alquist Proft, Kaya, and Kellan as they navigate the enigmatic Karlov mansion, uncovering sinister secrets. Return to Ravnica’s plane and immerse yourself in the unique murder mystery genre of Magic.

Unravel the Conspiracy

Amidst a sea of motives, dive into the gathering of Ravnica’s elite at Karlov Manor. Every card holds a clue in this gripping tale of intrigue.

Capture Enigmatic Treasures

Collect Showcase Magnified Cards, Showcase Dossier cards, or even a Serialized Ravnica City Card, honoring iconic guild leaders. Venture forth, unravel the mystery, and claim your place among the elite collectors of Magic: The Gathering.

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