Pixel Tactics Legends

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  • 2x decks of 25 heroes
  • 1x Game Mat
  • 1x Rules Sheet
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • Damage counters
  • Reference cards

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Command your heroes in tactical duels with Pixel Tactics Legends! This definitive edition gathers the Seven Sisters, Price of Victory, and Argent University heroes together in one box for the first time.

  • Updated versions of heroes from 3 mini packs
  • Quick-to-learn rules with deep strategy from hero combinations
  • Classic video game tactics in card game form
  • Fully compatible with other Pixel Tactics releases

Pixel Tactics Legends brings back the glory days of 90s tactical battling in card game form. Recruit and command powerful heroes like the Seven Sisters and Argent University graduates. Combat is fast-paced but full of meaningful decisions as you build synergy between your heroes. Outsmart your opponent in lightning-fast duels across the tabletop battlefield. With easy to learn rules but hard to master strategies, Pixel Tactics offers hours of fun. Gather your army and dive into deep tactics today!

Gamers who fondly remember classic 90s video games and tactical card battles will love Pixel Tactics Legends. Get updated versions of heroes from previous sets all in one definitive edition box for the first time. Reconnect with the Golden Age of gaming and experience the nostalgia and depth of Pixel Tactics!

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