The Warrior: 6D6 Swords in Steel Grey

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  • 6x d6 Sword shaped dice

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Do you play a warrior, fighter, or other melee class in your favorite RPG? This dice set helps you fully immerse in your heroic battles! The PolyHero Warrior 6d6 Swords Steel Grey includes six steel-colored sword-shaped d6 dice.

  • Sword-shaped dice increase immersion in your RPG sessions
  • Steel grey color fits most warrior/fighter characters
  • Makes a great gift for the warrior player in your group

If you want to feel more connected to your warrior character, these dice are for you. Roll them as you slay orcs, confront demons, and complete dangerous quests! The PolyHero Warrior 6d6 Swords Steel Grey set helps you live out your combat fantasies. Add these immersive dice to your collection today!

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