The Cleric: 8 Dice Set in Sunstorm

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  • 2x d20 Censers
  • 1x d12 Chalice
  • 2x d10 Dice (Celestial & Infernal)
  • 1x d8 Healing Potion
  • 1x d6 Mace
  • 1x d4 Hammer

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Invoke destiny with every roll. The PolyHero Cleric 8 Dice Set in Sunstorm brings commanding celestial energy to your gameplay.

Feel the weight of fate with intricately designed dice representing your Cleric’s spells, healing, and weapons. Channel benign divinity and righteous power.

  • Chalices and potions symbolize your Cleric’s healing and restoration.
  • The mighty hammer die empowers your righteous strikes against evil.
  • The ornate d20 invokes divine favor for critical hits.

Make every roll a miracle and unleash the power of the divine! These custom Cleric dice enhance your tabletop experience with destiny and style.

Harness Your Character’s Divine Journey

Clerics and tabletop gamers will love enhancing their character with these thematic dice. Infuse your roleplaying with authenticity and immerse yourself in your Cleric’s celestial calling.

With premium quality and intricate details capturing the essence of a Cleric, the PolyHero Cleric Dice Set is more than a tool for gameplay. It symbolizes your character’s sacred duty and divine journey.

Feel the weight of destiny with every roll. Add an air of solemn ritual to your Cleric’s abilities. Game with favor and command attention at your tabletop with the PolyHero Cleric 8 Dice Set in Sunstorm.

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