The Rogue: D20 Lock & Pick Set in Stout Bronze

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  • 1x Lock
  • 1x d20 Lock pick

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Roll for treasure in style with the PolyHero Rogue D20 Lock & Pick Set in Stout Bronze – the perfect accessory for immersing yourself in roleplaying adventures!

This innovative lockpicking set adds a thrilling physical element to unlocking treasure chests and mysterious doors during your tabletop RPG sessions. Just give the lock a spin and watch the suspense build as the d20 slows to a stop. Then insert the pick and push up to reveal your unlock roll number in real time! It’s much more engaging than just rolling a regular dice.

RPG fans longing for more immersion will treasure using this prop set during gameplay. Turning locks into an active, hands-on experience fuels your imagination, drawing you deeper into every dice roll and decision. Unlock chests, disarm traps, and infiltrate dungeons like a true adventurer with the PolyHero Rogue D20 Lock & Pick Set. Your next quest awaits!

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