The Wizard: D20 Wizard Hat and D2 Spellbook in Wizardstone

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Only the bravest minds ponder the mysteries of the arcane.


  • 1x d20 Wizard Hat
  • 1x d2 Spellbook

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Want to cast a spell on your tabletop gaming group? The Wizard: d20 Wizard Hat and d2 Spellbook in Wizardstone will enchant your next game night. This magical set includes a Wizard Hat shaped d20 die and a Spellbook shaped d2 die – everything you need to immerse yourself in the life of a powerful spellcaster.

Roll the dice and let the magic flow!

  • Roll for a critical hit with the pointy Wizard Hat d20.
  • Flip the enchanted Spellbook d2 to unravel your fate.
  • Adds a touch of magic to your tabletop adventures.

The set’s whimsical wizard accessories level up standard polyhedral dice, letting you actually roleplay the items your character equips for adventure.

For tabletop gamers who want to go beyond rolling an ordinary d20 and d2. PolyHero Dice takes game pieces to a whole new level of fun and immersion. Evoke your wizard hero with dice that look just like their iconic tools. Spellbinding accessories to enhance your RPG experience.

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