Zombie Kittens

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  • 61 Cards (63.5 x 88 mm)
  • 1 Rule Book

Gamegenic Sleeve Color Code: Grey

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Get ready for the zombie apocalypse – with kittens! Zombie Kittens brings an explosive new twist to the hit party game Exploding Kittens.

Zombie Kittens amps up the strategy and sabotage. Now when you explode, you stick around as a zombie with special powers to torment your living friends. Only living players can win the game, but Dead players now get to
keep the cards in their hands when they explode. Disrupt their plans and manipulate the deck as you try to help the zombies overrun the living players. The zombie mechanics create hilarious new dynamics that keep the game feeling fresh.

  • Zombie players don’t leave the game when they explode – they come back as zombies to wreak havoc on the living
  • New zombie-themed art and cards add fresh chaos to every round
  • Seamlessly combines with original Exploding Kittens for even more mayhem

Zombie Kittens is perfect for fans of Exploding Kittens seeking new pandemonium and strategy. The zombie twist forces players to rethink their tactics while keeping the off-the-wall, kitty-powered fun. Zombies get a shot at revenge, and living players get an engaging new challenge. It’s the upgrade your next game night needs to take the chaos to a whole new level!

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