The Warrior: 8 Dice Set in Imperial Bronze

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  • 1x D4 Dagger
  • 1x D6 Sword
  • 1x D8 Mace
  • 2x D10 Gauntlets
  • 1x D12 Helmet
  • 2x D20 Spike Balls

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Slay Monsters and Conquer New Worlds with the Polyhero Warrior 8 Dice Set in Imperial Bronze!

Standing strong, a hero carves a path to victory. Arm yourself with a mighty arsenal of dice with the Polyhero Warrior 8 Dice Set. These custom RPG dice will take a place of honor in your collection. Their detailed sculpts and hefty feel enhance your gaming immersion.

  • Warrior class theme matches fighter characters
  • Substantial weight and ornate details for enhanced immersion
  • For RPG gamers who want cool, thematic dice

The Polyhero Warrior Dice Set puts the power in your hands to vanquish foes. Roll the dagger and sword to strike true. The mace and gauntlets smash apart enemies. Your helmet protects you as the spike balls crush all in their path. With this set, you’ll reign victorious!

RPG gamers will love the tangible pleasure of rolling these dice. Their satisfying heft and intricate details help transport you to realms of fantasy. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to tabletop RPGs, the Polyhero Warrior 8 Dice Set in Imperial Bronze levels up your experience. Game on!

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